Ageless Male Ingredients Explained

Ageless Male ingredients are combined to produce a valuable and safe supplement created to increase free testosterone levels and boost energy and vigour in men. Testosterone production often flags with age and without it, the body and mind age more rapidly. It is designed to restore a man to the height of his physical condition and to enable him to experience again the benefits of a heightened libido and a lively mind. Ageless Male helps to build the muscle mass and force more usually found in much younger men. It helps men to steer clear of the mental and physical hazards of low testosterone levels.

The consequences of a low level of testosterone in the body may include muscle loss, weight gain, anxiety and depression as well as a lack of masculinity in terms of depth of voice, facial and body hair, the development of breasts, lack of sex drive, erectile disfunction, sperm production and sexual performance.

What does Ageless Male do?

The Ageless male supplement increase’s testosterone to a safe level and enables a man to avoid the distressing symptoms above and have a healthy and active life and a raised libido.

agemale1What are the Ageless Male ingredients?

The major ingredients in Ageless Male are as follows:

Vitamin B6, which gives you more energy by improving your metabolism, which helps your body break down proteins. It is an ideal supplement for those who lead an active and energetic life. It helps your brain function better and to send signals to the rest of your body more quickly. Working with Vitamin B12, B6 can help prevent heart disease. Vitamin B6 cannot be stored in the body as it is water soluble and will disappear in urine quite quickly.

Zinc, which promotes healthy growth, aids wound healing, supports synthesization of DNA and the immune system. Men need more zinc than women as it leaves the body through ejaculation so the more sexually active a man is, the more zinc he needs.

Magnesium, which helps prevent migraines and headaches and in conjunction with Vitamin D, helps absorption of Calcium. It is vital in the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth and metabolising carbohydrates and amino acids.

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Testofen, which is a proprietary product extracted from fenugreek seed. Fenugreek can be used to treat digestive problems, including appetite loss, stomach upset, constipation and gastritis (inflammation of the stomach). It can be used to control cholesterol and triglycerides thus aiding the health of the cardio vascular system. It can also be used for beriberi (a vitamin deficiency), kidney problems, boils, mouth ulcers, bronchitis and erectile dysfunction, to name but a few. Testofen’s role within Ageless Male is to boost levels of testosterone thus raising the male libido, levels of energy and muscular strength.

Vitamin B6, Zinc and Magnesium together go a long way towards maintaining a strong and vigorous body and an active mind so when combined with Testofen, they form the complete package in terms of men’s strength and virility.

What reviews is Ageless Male getting?

All the reviews¬†and Ageless male results¬†are positive ranging from a brief “it works” to enthusiastic tales of improved physical performance, both sexual and in the gym.

Many reviewers felt younger and more energetic, even those who didn’t expect the product to work for them.

agemale4How much does Ageless Male cost?

Ageless Male costs $39.95 for one month’s supply of 60 gel capsules but if you buy a 90 day supply, at $79.90, it is equivalent to buying two and getting one free (a saving of $39.95). Postage and handling is extra at $8.99 unless you spend more than $150. If you opt for auto shipping your order will be sent automatically every 90 days. If you don’t like Ageless Male, or it doesn’t work for you, then if you contact the company within 30 days you will have your purchase price refunded, but not the handling and postage.

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Why should I buy Ageless Male?

If you want to improve your overall health, but in particular, aspects relating to testosterone levels, then you should buy Ageless Male. It is particularly beneficial to those wanting to undertake muscle building exercise, those who are finding that they lack concentration or energy or those who are having difficulties with sex drive, erection, ejaculation or related problems.

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